Trial Supplies is a unique Australian business, created with the aim of enabling individuals to conduct their own research safely and efficiently. The team has spent close to a decade working either as field researchers or agronomists in the agricultural sector. We know how important and valuable it is to have the ability to accurately complete your own independent research.
Trial Supplies provides a one-stop shop for the procurement of all your spray trial needs, bringing new and novel spray equipment to the market. With a focus on safety and efficiency, the new patented spray boom designs aim to bring the industry up to the highest operator safety standards.

Commitment to Safety

Trial Supplies is now officially a proud sponsor of the national Trialsafe program. Trialsafe was established in 2018 to promote safe work practices within the applied agricultural research industry, fostering collaboration and discussions that focus on strengthening the safety of our community.

From the initial early designs through to the finished product, the Trial Supplies team has strived to deliver a product that reduces the level of risk that an operator spraying a trial in the field is exposed to. From the potential chemical exposure, manual handling and equipment failure, the new Trial Supplies equipment now available to the Australian market aims to reduce these risks for the operator.

  • 100% offset boom design means the operator is not walking behind the spray being applied or on the sprayed area, significantly reducing the level of exposure to the sprayed product.
  • The lightweight carbon fibre boom lengths with minimal plumbing and unique nozzle body configurations means minimal weight the operator has to carry. The adjustable counterweight also enables the operator to accurately balance out the boom if additional sections are added.
  • The complete nozzle configuration can be easily ‘pushed’ further away from the operator to reduce possible spray exposure. For example, if a late season cereal fungicide trial was to be applied, the 1st nozzle could be extended away from the operator so when they lift the boom to maintain double overlap on the tall crop, the base of the spray pattern is still not landing on the operator.
  • The unique collapsible feature of the trial boom removes the need to unplug and plug in the chemical delivery tubes when setting up the equipment.
  • Trial Supplies offers a fully complete non-flammable pressure delivery system, from the spray belt, cylinder and regulator, through to the fittings required for the spray bottle header to the boom.
  • We understand some operators will remain with a flammable gas such as the LPG (Propane) system so we also offer this pressure system option. This system has all components LPG rated including the regulator, taps, hose fittings and quick connect couplers. We recommend any business using this system to either switch to the non-flammable (CO2) system or upgrade their current equipment to this fully compliant LPG rated system.
  • The spray bottle header comes standard with a safety relief valve that facilitates the automatic release of pressure from your spray bottle if the pressure exceeds 65 psi (4.5 bar). This safety feature reduces the risk of a bottle failure from an incorrect regulator setting or an inexperienced operator running the pressure system too high.
  • The new spray boom belt enables the pressure system and spray bottle to be easily carried on the hip, no hands required.
  • The spray boom bag has been designed and built for the Trial Supplies boom to facilitate easy transport and storage of the equipment, reducing any potential damage to the boom that may result in parts failure or product leakage from the spraying system.

Advancing the Industry

The ability to conduct your own research, whether you’re an individual grower, agronomist or trial contracting business, is critical to keeping up with new products and technology. Convenient access to high quality spraying equipment coupled with the information on how to accurately set-up the site and equipment enables this important research to occur. Trial Supplies has been developed to provide convenient access to this agricultural research with the aim of becoming an essential part of every ag professionals toolbox.
Having the ability to compare new products accurately in a replicated, small scale plot layout will give you insights into product performance that adds value to your operation. The Trial Supplies equipment also enables the simple and accurate application of products to test for suspected cases of product resistance in the field.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

If your business is interested in utilizing the Trial Supplies equipment as part of a broader promotional campaign, please get in touch to discuss further. The high safety standard of the equipment and its ability to enable other individuals to add value to their business makes the product offering a new and ideal method to promote your business and products.