CO2 Spray Bottle Header

$191.00 inc GST

Connects to CO2 Regulator, facilitating gas in and liquid out under pressure. Connects to Trial Supplies Spray Booms.  

Connects to PET (soft drink) bottle thread enabling spray solution to be released under pressure. Safety relief valve will auto-release gas if pressure exceeds 450 kpa.


  • Sturdy brass and stainless steel construction that will not rust or corrode.
  • Safety relief valve allows auto release of gas when the spray bottle exceeds 65 psi (4.5 bar). This important safety feature reduces the risk of a spray bottle failure from an incorrectly set or failed regulator. The 4.5 bar limit is appropriate to allow enough pressure capacity in the bottle to supply the boom with the typical 2 – 3 bar pressure required.
  • Rubber O-Ring nestled into brass channel inside spray header creates a leak-proof seal when the spray bottle is lightly screwed in.
  • High quality brass Ryco fittings make connecting and disconnecting the trial boom and CO2 gas regulator hose very easy.
  • The angle of the inlets and outlets reduces the potential for kinks in the spray tubing and allows for the efficient storage of the equipment, typically in the Trial Supplies Spray Bag.
  • The thread pattern will fit most PET soft drink bottles and sizes.
  • Connects to the Trial Supplies ‘CO2 Regulator – Basic’ and ‘CO2 Regulator – Advanced’.
  • Stainless steel straw suits 1.25 L bottles with additional 10 mm tube section included to attach for 2 L bottle use.
  • Comes standard with 2 x spare O-Rings, 2 x 10 mm tube sections and 1 x Poison Sticker.

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