Soil Moisture Probe with CATM1 Data Logger

Soil Moisture Probe with CATM1 Data Logger

$2,640.00 inc GST

EnviroPro 80 cm Precision Soil Moisture Probe with WildEye Telemetry Unit

Your Eyes Underground. Identify trends, conserve water, save time and improve yields.

This unit enables you to accurately track your soil moisture levels anytime and anywhere.  EnviroPro and WildEye are the leaders in the field for precision soil moisture monitoring and their products have been tested for over 20 years, continuing to provide reliable and accurate data to improve your decision making.

Discount (13%) for 3 or more units purchased. Email for a customised quote.

Lease Options Available:

  • $1,200 exc GST / unit for 12 month lease (including data fee).
  • $999 exc GST / unit for 12 month lease for 3+ units (including data fee).

Email: for a customised quote.


EnviroPro Soil Moisture Probe – 80 cm

  • Soil moisture and temperature sensors at 10 cm intervals, allowing you to track the movement of soil through the profile.
  • See where the moisture is and what depths the plant is using it (indicates rooting depth).
  • Measuring a 200 mm spherical diameter around every sensor, this is a much larger field of influence than other capacitance probes. This provides more accurate and meaningful measurements.
  • Can be accurately calibrated to various soil types.
  • Extremely accurate moisture readings as the sensors compensate for salinity and temperature caused errors.
  • Probes are filled with epoxy resin making the electronics impenetrable to water/moisture.
  • Extremely reliable and long-lasting, built for the Australian environment.
  • Simple installation and maintenance free! No re-calibration ever required.
  • Australian made and owned with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Over 20 years of proven in field performance.

WildEye Telemetry Unit

  • Users can log in to WildEye from their phone, tablet or desktop to view their data anytime.
  • Filled with epoxy resin making them waterproof and insulated against extreme temperatures (-20ºC to +60ºC).
  • A compact design that fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy for transport and installation.
  • Runs on an internal battery that lasts 3+ years* (solar panel available to purchase).
  • Unlimited users for each site.
  • PDF summary of data can be emailed daily, weekly or monthly to users.
  • Minimal cables and very simple design that minimises installation time and pest damage in field.
  • Standard 3DB antenna that can be upgraded via SMA connector. 3G Enabled.
  • Can mount simply to star picket or similar.

* based on good signal strength and data uploaded hourly.

Annual Data Fee ($286 inc GST) to access the data and receive continual software updates and support. Add at check-out.

Installation manual provided. Installation also available via a national network of trained agronomists ($150/unit). Call today to discuss.

EnviroPro Moisture Probe Specifications:

  • Moisture resolution: 0.01%
  • Temperature resolution: 0.01ºC.
  • Moisture accuracy: +/-2% at 0% VWC to 50% VWC.
  • Temperature accuracy: +/-1ºC at 25ºC.
  • Units of measure (moisture): Volumetric Water Content (%).
  • Units of measure (temperature): ºC or ºF.
  • SDI-12 V1.3 compliant.
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