Sundstrom SR200 Full Face Respirator

Sundstrom SR200 Full Face Respirator

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The SR200 full-face respirator provides superior comfort and safety for extended periods.

The Sundstrom low allergenic silicone is the perfect level of flex and softness to create an effective seal against your skin. A deep chin cup and broad nose rim help create an effective seal, providing added protection for the eyes and face.

The mask is equipped with 2 exhalation valves, creating minimal exhalation resistance. Part of inhalation air is channeled across the visor to minimise mist forming.

The easily adjustable elastic head harness is designed as a V-shaped loop and has a large, dished crown plate, which contributes towards a comfortable and secure fit. The elastic fabric strap avoids the traditional sticky rubber straps pulling your hair.

Comes with pre-filter holder and test disc (filters sold separately).

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Air circulation inside mask
2/3 of inhalation air reaches mouth and nose without circulating visor and outer mask
1/3 of inhalation air passes across the visor and prevents fogging

Inhalation: Single silicone membrane
Exhalation: Twin silicone membranes. The position and construction of the two exhalation membranes make voice communication easy

Head harness
Elastic bands and a mesh head cradle for optimum comfort. The harness has  to be adjusted only once for a user, after which the mask can be put on in a simple two-hand movement

Filter attachment
Accepts all Sundström filters + compressed-air attachments. Filter seat is pointed downwards for good balance and great field of vision

Breathing resistance
Inhalation: approx. 10 Pa at 30 l/min (EN standards requirement: <50 Pa)
Exhalation: approx. 56 Pa at 160 l/min (EN standards requirement: <300 Pa)

Scratch-resistant polycarbonate (standard). The visor is curved spherically, which means that the face fits ‘into’ the visor, ensuring a very wide field of vision and a minimum of reflections

Compliance: Approved to AS/NZS 1716:2012

Note: Filters sold separately. Includes pre-filter holder. 

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