The Brolga – Lightweight Offset Trial Spray Boom

The Brolga – Lightweight Offset Trial Spray Boom

$2,420.00 inc GST


2023 Brolga Updates: Upgraded nozzle body attachments (1/8″ to 1/4″), higher spec pressure gauge and 3K twill weave carbon fibre boom lengths.

New, unique and patented design. This offset trial research hand boom has been developed with the safety and efficiency of the operator in mind.

Set-up and pack down in seconds with an offset design that reduces any potential exposure for the operator.

Start conducting your own research trials today with all the equipment required available through Trial Supplies.

Now exporting. Email the team today for custom freight quotes. 


The Brolga weighs just 2.7 kg plus counterweights (1.0 + 1.5 kg)

Recommended to add the Trial Supplies Spray Bag
for the storage & transport of The Brolga


Brolga Demonstration Video



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Key Features

  • Offset design – operator walking beside the sprayed area, not through it.
  • Adjustable nozzle distance to operator – whole nozzle configuration can be ‘pushed’ further away from operator. Very useful when spraying taller crops and for overall reduction in operator exposure. Nozzles can also be rotated 90 or 180 degrees to enable easier spraying of tall crops.
  • Extremely lightweight design – 2.7 kg boom weight plus 1 and 1.5 kg counterweight options.
  • Flexible counterweight options – only use the counterweight required. Eg 1 kg weight required for standard 4 nozzle configuration to perfectly balance the boom.
  • High quality reliable fittings – Brass spraying systems trigger with extended handle, Norgren liquid regulator, glycerine gauge, spraying systems nozzle bodies and pneuflex pneumatic fittings.
  • 3k twill weave carbon fibre boom lengths.
  • Aluminium handle design with custom rubber grips.
  • Minimal plumbing design – 8 and 6 mm tubing minimises the spray solution required but can still spray 500 L/ha at a comfortable walking speed (larger sized nozzles required eg 03’s).
  • Includes Air Induction Flat Fan 01 nozzles – Run Brolga at 250 kpa and a comfortable walking speed will acheive 100 L/ha – refer to User Guide included for calibration guide and example calculations to determine walking speed.
  • Clear polyurethane tubing – easy to see next treatment running through boom or build-up of residue.
  • Superior plumbing design – all nozzle outputs are the same (within 3%) and all nozzles produce spray pattern immediately once trigger is activated (regardless of using 4 or 6 nozzles), once the system is primed.
  • Collapsible compact design – hinged joints so no need to disconnect tubing. Allows set-up and pack down in seconds. 
  • Nozzle guard – clips onto the end of the nozzle section and keeps your nozzles out of the dirt.

Proudly Australian Made

  • Designed, built and owned in Australia.
  • The custom lathed brass handles, aluminium handle frame, nozzle body frames and other custom Trial Supplies equipment have been engineered and made in Mildura and Ballarat, Victoria.
  • The Trial Supplies team is proud to support local businesses and will continue to source locally where possible.

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