Ideal for the accurate application of products onto large beds such as leafy vegetables and brassicas, along with spraying under vine and tree crops.

Lightweight – Offset carbon fibre frame means minimal weight for the operator to carry with a spray width of up to 1.8 metres.
High Quality – A brass Norgren regulator and gauge increases the accuracy of your application. Comes standard with Turbo TwinJet TeeJet Nozzles.
Smart – A clipboard for your spray sheet and liquid release tap makes spraying trials that little bit easier and quicker. Blanking plugs included to easily adjust your spray width.
Easy to Use – The boom is carried and the trigger applied via a single handed operation.
Low Drift – Nozzles are spaced at 30 cm to increase spray penetration and reduce the potential for drift. This also means high water volumes (L/ha) can be achieved without having to walk at excessively slow speeds.
Nozzle Pitch Adjustment – The boom can be adjusted sideways along with rotating the pitch of all 6 nozzles to always be pointing down, regardless of spraying height.

The Jacana packs up quickly and easily into the Trial Supplies Spray Bag for safe transport and storage.