Trial Supplies Spray Belt

Trial Supplies Spray Belt

$159.00 inc GST

Suit Sodastream CO2 cylinder or Primus 0.34 kg pencil cylinder plus up to 2 L PET spray bottle.

An essential piece of equipment required to comfortably complete the spray task. The belt enables the operator to carry the gas cylinder and spray bottle whilst remaining hands free to hold the spray boom.


  • LHS pouch suit – LPG/Propane Primus 0.34 kg or similar ‘pencil’ cylinders.
  • LHS pouch suit – Sodastream compressed CO2 cylinder.
  • RHS pouch suit – Up to 2 L PET bottle – regular softdrink bottle.
  • The double strapping underneath each pouch means smaller bottles placed into pouches will still be contained within the pouch eg 1.25 L PET bottle.
  • The waist belt material is coarse enough that the buckle will not slip, meaning the belt will not slide down the operator when spraying.
  • Additional leg straps on both sides enables the secure positioning of cylinders and bottles whilst walking, avoiding the spray solution ‘sloshing’ around and ensuring the cylinder remains upright.
  • Waterproof PVC material makes this belt very durable and able to be washed down if any chemical does get spilt onto the belt.