TSImages Annual Subscription

TSImages Annual Subscription

$149.00$611.00 inc GST

12 Months Access to TSImages = $149 (inc GST)

TSImages is a private server purpose built for your Remote 4G Outdoor Camera to enable the following:










To enable these functions on TSImages, your 4G camera requires a data plan.

All our data plans operate on the Telstra network and a free SIM card is included.

To determine data plan required, approx 2.6 MB is required for each upload. E.g. 1 GB plan = 385 images per month. 

You can increase or decrease your plan during the year simply be emailing a request to info@trialsupplies.com.au



You’ll be emailed your individual log-in details to then access your private folder.

Here you can view and download your images from your mobile or desktop.




From your private account, you can remotely change all of your camera settings (maximum of 30 changes per month).

The following changes can be made:

  1. Camera Mode – Switch between photo and/or video.
  2. PIR Switch – Turn motion detection ON or OFF.
  3. PIR Sensitivity – Set between Low, Middle and High, depending on what you are trying to capture.
  4. Time Lapse Interval – Set how often you want the camera to take an image.
  5. Timer 1 on/off and Timer 2 on/off – Set the time lapse hours of operation. E.g. Take a picture every 30 minutes between 8 – 10 am and 5 – 7 pm.
  6. Delay Time – Set the minimum time between photos or videos taken if motion detection is on. E.g. 1 hour to avoid constantly filming stock at a water point.
  7. Picture Size – Change image size/qualtiy depending on the picture resolution you need (also adjust size of images being sent to TSImages – FTP Picture Size).
  8. Video Size – Change video size depending on the video resolution you need.
  9. Video Recording Length – Set the video length when triggered to film for between 5 and 60 seconds.
  10. Night Mode – Choose between Min Blur (short exposure time), Max Range (longer exposure time) or Balanced (combination of Min and Max Blur).
  11. LED Flash Mode – Switch between all or part of the LED’s working at night for either maximum brightness or close up footage.
  12. Multishot Number of Photos – Camera can take between 1 to 5 photos (burst) per trigger.
  13. SD Card Cycle – Set to stop when full or start writing over the oldest images.
  14. FTP Upload – Turn the uploading of images and video to TSImages on or off.
  15. Send via Email – Enter an email address that will then also receive images when uploaded.




Enter a mobile number or email into the camera and anytime the camera is triggered, you will instantly receive the image or video.

Ideal for remote cameras set-up as security monitors and set to motion detection.




Do you have hundreds of images collected and just sitting there waiting for a ‘quiet’ day to turn them into a valuable video?

On TSImages, simply select the camera and date range, nominate the images per second you would like (I.e. 5 images per second) and press “Create Movie”.

Your movie will be processed and ready for download. All with just a few clicks!




Every photo uploaded to TSImages is geo-tagged.

In each private camera folder, the location of the latest image to be uploaded is shown on an interactive Google map.




Running multiple cameras and struggling to keep track of where each one has moved to?

From TSImages, you can edit the name of every camera as often as you would like. E.g. Field #5 Dam North.




We know that new technology can be daunting and difficult to follow.

Here at Trial Supplies, we have aimed to unlock the benefits of remote cameras, giving you instant and easy access to all the footage via TSImages.

Each camera comes pre-loaded with your private TSImages account details, SIM card and FTP credentials.

This means that when you receive the camera, all you have to do is insert the batteries (which are included), decide where you want to place it, then turn it on… How easy is that!

You’ll receive your TSImages log-in details via email and from here, you can then view all your images, change the cameras settings and unlock all the features detailed above.

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