“We are very happy with our Brolga handheld boom. It’s a high quality spray unit and the guys at Trial Supplies have been very easy to deal with. Would highly recommend! “

James Holding – Senior Trials Agronomist, FarmLink, Temora NSW.

“It is easy to assemble, use, reduced chance of chemical spillage on user with bottles and less drift on operator. Will be great to use in crop during the season.”

Paul Ackland – Agronomist, Central Ag Solutions, Arthurton SA.

“The Trial Supplies gear makes it easy for us to compare the new products available. I would encouarage every agro to have this equipment as part of their toolbox.”

Rik Maatman – Operations Manager, MSF Sugar, Mareeba QLD.

“The Brolga boom has been our latest investment and very happy with the results. Lightweight, accurate and simple to use. Highly recommend.”

Heath McWhirter and Emma Ayliffe – Summit Ag Agricultural Consulting, Griffith NSW.

“The Brolga is the best and most versatile hand boom on the market. Looking forward to putting it to good use.”

Andrew McMahen – Landmark Agronomist, Manangatang VIC.

“We started running our own trials in 2020 and it’s been great to have a one stop shop for our needs. Best of all though, the Trial Supplies guys actually do trials so have shared plenty of tips to get the best out of the equipment, especially the Brolga.”

Rohan Brill – Brill Ag, Ganmain NSW.

“Everything fits perfectly. Thanks for helping us get it set-up. Been using for a few months now and it’s brilliant!”

Michael Heyneman – RD&E Field Trials Leader, I K Caldwell, Cobram VIC.

“We were delighted to find trials supplies on line after some of our research clients mentioned them to us.

We could purchase all our equipment in one place, at competitive prices, and the equipment was delivered to our door in good time.

It is obvious that the people behind trials supplies have a research background as considerable thought has gone into the design and build of their equipment.

Accurate application and trial site presentation is important to us, and with all the options available at the online store we found everything we needed to take our trial sites to the next level.

If we had any questions or ideas we could get on the phone and speak directly to the Trial Supplies team and get things happening.

Trials supplies are an important part of the Crop Circle Research business.”

Grant Thompson – Agronomist / Director, Crop Circle Consulting and Research, Geraldton, WA.

Case Studies

Adding value to the consulting business – Summit Ag

Summit Ag Agricultural Consulting partnering with Trial Supplies

With over 40 years of agronomic experience, our Summit Ag team has built a reputable business based on providing timely and high-quality agronomic advice to our clients. Our services range from implementing farm management plans, gross margin analysis, irrigation scheduling and extensive crop monitoring and management. Operating out of the Riverina covering dryland and irrigated cropping, our passionate team of 5 love all things agriculture and seeing our clients reap the rewards of their hard work.

However, in agriculture, the unpredictable nature of weather has meant our business is exposed to the ebbs and flows of water allocations, in-season rainfall and factors outside our control that impact our ability to adequately manage our cash flow every year. The introduction of research trials to our core business utilising the Trial Supplies equipment, has seen a multitude of benefits created for Summit Ag and our clients we service. Not only are we staying up to date with the latest products entering the market, we are further understanding the potential and more importantly, the limitations of currently available products, be it across crop protection, fertiliser or varieties. With the average fee to complete an efficacy trial ranging from $6,000 to $10,000, the value in upskilling our team to generate the accurate data and answer the trial aims is very important. Completing this research for various organisations not only smooths out the cash flow of variable seasons, but adds tremendous value to the recommendations we are then able to make to our clients.

The ability to access safe, accurate and local trial equipment has reduced a lot of barriers to us completing this research work. Our Brolga has been in full flight, accurately spraying trials since we purchased this trial spray boom and pressure pack. The one-stop shop at Trial Supplies for all our trial equipment needs during the season has been a huge time saver and we know their products are high quality, field tested and built to last. We look forward to utilising Trial Supplies for our future research equipment needs as we continue to improve and expand our research offering at Summit Ag.

Emma Ayliffe

Director: Summit Ag Agricultural Consulting

research trial spray boom Brolga